Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training offers the highest
quality traditional and online personal training available.

Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training provides the highest level of fitness training available in the St. Louis area. In addition, our online training program allows people who don't live in Pinnacle's market or who couldn't otherwise afford a personal trainer to have a program developed specifically for them.

Pinnacle develops both traditional and online personal training programs for nearly everyone: sport-specific programs for athletes, bodybuilding programs for those looking to add muscle or help with contest preparation, and weight loss programs for those looking to get into better shape. Whatever your objective, Pinnacle is here to help enthusiasts achieve their fitness goals more easily and safely. Above all, Pinnacle is dedicated to developing personalized programs that are each of the following:

No matter your fitness level, Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training can develop a program for you. The team of trainers at Pinnacle creates every program for each client to ensure that it meets each of the previously mentioned 5 P's. Each and every program produced by Pinnacle is based on the proven scientific principles of exercise and proper diet guidelines, with no gimmicks or long-term contracts that lock you in. When you sign up with Pinnacle you can be confident that you will reach your goals without signing your life away for an extended period, not knowing if it will be right for you. You are also protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee! (See below) If you fully complete the first 90 days of the online program and you don't see any results toward your goals, then your money will be refunded.2

1 The five P's of proper exercise program design have been reproduced with the permission of former NFL strength coach Mark Asanovich.
2 Individual results may vary, but if the program is fully implemented as directed and no results are evident, then a full refund will be applied.

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We are located with the Chesterfield Athletic Club
16625 Swingley Ridge Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017


O An experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.
Pinnacle's trainers have combined to work with thousands of athletes and clients,
and trained everyone from professional athletes to stay-at-home moms. They
have experience with both male and female ages 5-85. Trainers at Pinnacle all
possess experience in the field and a major personal training certification.

o A results driven workout program based on the proven scientific principles
of exercise that are taught at many major universities in the U.S. and utilized by
numerous professional and collegiate sports teams. However, the specialized
HIMAX-Training system is only available to Pinnacle clientele!

o No long-term contracts- Pinnacle’s training fees are charged using a pay-as-you-go system. We don’t offer long-term packages to lock you in. We do this is to assure the clients of Mr. Rulo's confidence in the system. If a customer doesn't feel that Pinnacle is right for them, then they may cancel at any time.

o 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Personal Training- if you are not fully satisfied with the service we have provided, we will not only refund 100% of your money, but we will buy you two sessions at the place of your choosing.

Online Training- if you have fully completed the initial 90
days of the program and see no results during that time, you can cancel and 100% of your first six month's dues will be refunded.

o Diet tips- You will receive tips on how to modify your diet to maximize your
fitness goals; whether you goal is to lose fat, increase muscle, or just be more
healthy, diet is at least 50% of the battle as we realize that you will need assistance on this front as well.

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